Sunday, June 17, 2007

Obama's macaca moment!?

Well it looks like Obama might have had his own macaca-moment last week, which could potentially cause a lot of trouble for his presidential campaign. Sepia Mutiny has got a good post on check it out.

This isn't really a wise move from the Obama campaign. I mean look at the title of the alleged memo: “HILLARY CLINTON (D-PUNJAB)’S PERSONAL FINANCIAL AND POLITICAL TIES TO INDIA.” ! Are you kidin' me! This is kinda stuff that you would generally expect from the most conservative republicans.....not from a democratic senator trying to become the first African-American president! For goodness sake, you guys are trying to break the racial stereotyping associated with African-Americans in U.S. politics. You guys are trying to break the racial barriers...and resorting to this kinda cheap shots at your opponent using racial stereotyping to do that isn't presidential at all.

Hope Obama comes clean on this....else goodbye vice-presidency for 2008 and even worse goodbye 2016.

Memo Source: NY Times

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