Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm not a conservative......phew.....

.....I'm relieved.

How did this dawn upon me, you might ask. Well, last night (Sunday) i had the (mis)fortune of watching The 1/2 Hour News Hour the supposed conservative version of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. And it was more like......FOX saying the joke is on us....and we errrr....aren't aware of that!

Well, actually this show is more like a conservative version of SNL's Weekend Update. This actually would have been a great show if it was any where near half good as the Weekend Update. But, as it usually happens with "conservative" comedy (read Dennis Miller), the show falls flat. I really tried and was very patient to see if the show was any good....but i couldn't continue after the first 15 mins into the show.

Anyways, why does Fox need a comedy show on its news channel when it's normal programming is good enough to laugh at!? So it is really true, conservatives cannot be funny. It isn't in their genes.

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