Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fox news scares me....

Fox news scares me!!!

Even though I don't have cable at my place I use the net to keep track of the happenings both in and out of the US on a daily basis. Today,driven by boredom, I opened up and came across some video content that they have from their regular programming. My goodness!!!! I was really shocked at the point of views of most of their anchors.....It really frightened me....'cause they really sounded like people with very extremist and outrageous views. Not only their views sounded absolutely stupid but it seemed that most of them are absolutely ignorant of the facts and really don't give a damn about wht the world thinks . I don't have to prove my point by citing any example here, it's there to see on the website itself. It scares me very much because FNC is a national cable news channel that has a greater reach across America and people are being fed nothing but lies in the name of news. This kind of news does no good to the people of this country and America itself stands to gain nothing out of it, it jst spreads the unfounded hatred towards other nations and cultures.

I agree that everyone shld have the right to express their opinion ,whether he is a liberal or one with an extreme point of view...But this shldn't be at the cost of burying the truth!!!

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