Monday, September 10, 2007

Update on the flyover collapse at Hyderabad

It has now emerged that the earlier figures of 30 dead were misplaced and at least 4 people are confirmed to have died due to the collapse. Though this comes as a huge relief to everyone, it is nevertheless sad that 4 innocent people have to lose their lives because of incompetency on the part of the private and public agencies involved in the project.

I hope the government lets the officials to conduct a thorough investigation and sees to that justice is served to the victims of this tragedy.


dev said...

God help hydrabad..!!!!

god help all the gultis..!!

Shuuro said...

Well, few months ago CM has said that he would order enquiry into the project for delay and find any irregularities and very next day he backtracked due to political influence of construction company and local contractors. More over few engineers who were working on this particular project were specially deputed from huda and shockingly they were implicated in some construction collapse and were suspended but later reinstated with help from their political contacts. Person who is supposed to investigate this collapse doesn't have good reputation and he is yet to submit a report on some other issue. That is the state of affairs here, so when it comes to safety of people, everyone is on their own :(