Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Everything's spinning.

Tht's wht my situation is right now. With the graduation date approaching fast, I'm finding less and less time to sleep or eat....let alone blog.Phew! Never thought that thesis wld be this hard. About 65% of the work has been completed and jst need to carry out some more data analysis and finish the chapters. Defense is set for the 19th.

So tht is it to my present phase.....nothing much.

Ohh....and the a-hole Bush has now started to slam papers tht publish 'news'. Wht the hell does he think by saying tht they compromise national security by revealing the 'shady' ways of his administration.

Wht kinda dumb person you have to be to say tht the terrorists gain by reading these stories?

Really you have to be one dumb fuc@in terrorist to not realize that security agencies keep track of their financial transactions.This is wht tht happens when u elect morons to be leaders!

Stop thinkin' with u re arse Mr. President.

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